Strictly Conveyancing Sydney

Buying or selling a property could be overwhelming but we can make it a stress free experience for you. We offer reliable and most up-to-date conveyancing solutions to anyone who is dealing with property, irrespective of how big or small the deal is.

The process of transferring property seems to be a simple task but has many pitfalls that you are most likely to experience if you choose an incompetent solicitor. Only expert conveyancing firms in Sydney like Strictly Conveyancing would be able to make this process a hassle-free experience for you. We have been in this business for more than 7 years and have helped thousands of people in and around Sydney. Once you have hired us, you don’t have to bother bout anything. We handle everything for you and always keep you updated. This is the reason why we are most of the most trustworthy conveyancers in Sydney.

We are a registered conveyancing firm in Sydney. In 2012, we were recognized by the NSW Australian Institute of Conveyancers for best practice and professionalism in the conveyancing profession. Since our inception in 2006, we have been a member of Australian Institute of Conveyancers. Our team is highly aimed to make conveyancing a pleasant experience for people and therefore, strive hard to make this process as smooth for you as possible. Our professional attitude and approach is always recognized and appreciated by our clients who trust us for all their conveyancing needs.

Unlike many other conveyancers, we charge a fixed price. There are no hidden charges that will shock you later. We will mention a proper breakdown of our services in our quotes so that you would know what you are paying us for. In case you need any clarification, feel free to contact us and we will brief you about it. Our quotes are very competitive but we will never compromise with the quality of our services only to keep our prices low.

We have a remarkable experience in this field. All our solicitors are highly experienced and can offer you the best and genuine advice. They know the business inside-out. They will help you push your settlement as fast as possible. Each case is handled by a small but highly experienced team. They will be solely responsible for case and you will only be dealing with them instead of dealing with different people each time you come to meet us.