Property transactions are always risky. Unless you are aware of the all the relevant laws and have sufficient time to do the paperwork and negotiate with the other party, you may land up in trouble. Hiring a genuine and helpful conveyancer Sydney is therefore, very much required to ensure that the entire dealing is done as per the laws. In our last blog, we discussed why you must not try DIY conveyancing. We had also discussed a few criteria that will help you choose a reliable professional. In this blog, we will discuss about a few signs that will help you decide if you should go ahead with the conveyancer Sydney with whom you are dealing with or should you move on and find someone else.

Here are some signs that will help you take a better decision.

  • Do you meet different people every time you go for consultation or call them up to get updates? If yes, it’s high time you should find someone else. It may be a big firm with hundreds of qualified employees but for you, the conveyancer dealing with your case is the face of the company. He knows your case best and is well aware of the proceedings. You trust him and consider him as your friend and advisor. If you meet different people in different meetings, chances are that you will not receive good service and quality advice. While choosing your conveyancer, make sure you ask him to provide you a guarantee that you will deal with the same person throughout the process.
  • Can you contact him easily or do you have to call him multiple times before being answered? Is he accessible easily? Does he call you up regularly to update you about the status of your case? Accessibility is major issue with conveyancers these days but if you are looking for someone whom you can trust, always choose professionals who value you and answer your calls promptly.
  • Have you hired a conveyancer Sydney who treats you like numbers? Is he unwilling to listen to you? Is he always in a hurry and hesitates in providing you important information? If yes, you have perhaps hired a wrong person. Your conveyancer should provide you enough guidance and should answer all your queries. You aren’t aware of anything related to property transactions, so he should help you. He should be your counsellor and should provide you practical solutions to your problems. He should not leave you stressed out and if he is, he isn’t the right person to consult.
  • Is he giving you a full breakdown of all possible fees that you have to pay during the entire transactions? Is he charging you a new miscellaneous fee frequently? If yes, you are simply burning your pockets. Fixed price conveyancing is the safest choice but make sure you find out the details of the fee that you need to pay. Your conveyancer should be fair and should tell you the exact cost.

We hope this blog educates you about determining the authenticity of your conveyancer Sydney. For more such helpful tips, refer our other blogs. To know more about our conveyancing services, call us at (02) 9630 5553.