Here is what a genuine and experienced conveyancing firm like us can do for property buyers. This is just a rough list to give you an idea of how complicated conveyancing is. It is not the exact process, as the approach varies for each client as per his needs.

  • Once you have contacted us, we will take a complete brief from you regarding your buying decision. We will then suggest you to choose an insurance to stay financially safe during the transaction process.
  • After the brief, we will start the process with preparing letter of engagement.
  • We will liaise with the conveyancer of the seller, if any, and will receive a contract pack from him. We will also ask for a mortgage offer.
  • Once we have received the relevant documents, we will start our verification. We will contact the local authorities to find out if the property is legally available for sale. Once the verification is completed, we will inform you.
  • We will liaise with both the buyer and the seller to arrange a potential completion date.
  • We will swap signed contract with the seller’s conveyancer. Upon signing the contract, the buyer has to pay an initial deposit of 10% to the seller. We will transfer the deposit on the buyer’s behalf, if required.
  • Once the deposit is made, the contract is officially valid. We will then, prepare the completion statement and other relevant property transfer documents for you.
  • We will get the paper signed by you and will then transfer them to the other party.
  • In case you are taking a loan, we will send a copy of transfer documents to the financial institution so that they can prepare the mortgage documents.
  • We will do the required paperwork such as lodging the transfer and stamp duty documents, forwarding the proof of ownership documents to concern departments, etc.
  • We will make sure that the conditions of the contract are fulfilled by both the parties by the due date of property transfer.
  • We will coordinate with the financial institution for receiving the funds by the due date.
  • If required, we will attend and complete the final settlement.

This is just a small brief of what conveyancing firms can do for buyers. The process is much more complicated than what you could imagine from this brief. It requires a lot of time and efforts and therefore, hiring a conveyancer is a worthy decision.

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