Buying or selling a property is a risky process and should be done under the supervision of a certified Sydney conveyancer. This legal process requires a lot of paperwork and therefore, you must seek professional help. If you are planning a property transaction and are unsure about seeking professional help, this blog will help you.

When should you consult a Sydney conveyancer?

Any time; the sooner the better. We at Strictly Conveyancing suggest you to consult a professional as soon as you decide to buy or sell a property. Never sign an agreement without consulting a conveyancer. Property transactions are very risky and if you don’t want to land up in trouble, get all the legal documents evaluated by an experienced professional like us. Also, let your solicitor be a part of the entire process so that he can guide you thoroughly in order to make the entire process a hassle-free experience.

What should consider before hiring your Sydney conveyancer?

It is very important to hire a genuine conveyancer so that you get genuine advice. The professional you choose must be aware of your financial constraints, legal issues, time limits and other specific concerns associated with your property transaction. Before you hire someone:

  • Find out if he is a member of Australian Institute of Conveyancers. Always choose certified professionals so that you get genuine services.
  • Inquire about the fee structure and all other charges. Never choose someone who charges a percentage of the deal. Always choose professionals who charge a fixed fee.
  • Find out all the related charges including service cost, government fees, etc. This way, you will be able to get a clear figure of the exact property transaction cost.
  • Find out the settlement time.
  • Find out how frequently and how extensively he will keep you updated.

Should you hire a conveyancer or a solicitor?

Solicitors are professionals who deal with all forms of legal issues including conveyancing. They are experienced professionals who are well aware of complex legal issues and are best to be considered when the transactions is very complex and has lots of legal constraints. If the transaction is simple and straightforward, a Sydney conveyancer will be able to help you. Conveyancers are professionals who are exclusively trained to handle conveyancing matters and are considered to be as good as solicitors. Since they exclusively deal with conveyancing, they will be able to offer you a better and faster service.

Can the buyer and seller use the same conveyancer?

You can. It is not illegal to use the same conveyancer but we at Strictly Conveyancing suggest you not to do that. Your conveyancer will not only help prepare the sale contract and fill up the sale forms but also will guide you in case any conflict of interest arises. Conflicts can arise any time during the entire transaction and therefore, both the parties should not choose the same conveyancing professional. In case you do, your conveyancer will find it too hard be unbiased.

We hope this blog helps you decide if you should hire a conveyancer and how you should choose one. For more details, keep reading our blog. To know more about our conveyancing services, call us at (02) 9630 5553.