Buying or selling a property for the first time? Too nervous and don’t know what to do? Not sure what will be the best approach? Don’t know how to handle the paperwork?

Relax. The only reliable solution that we can suggest you is to hire a professional conveyancing firm like us. They are trained and licensed professionals who exclusively deal with property transactions and are well aware of the local laws. They have a good network with the legal authorities and know the best approach to get your deal done within a short time. They can also help you handle the issues, if any.

If you have never dealt with a conveyancer, don’t worry. You are not alone. This FAQ guide will answer some of the common questions that you must be having in your mind.

  1. Is it mandatory to hire a conveyancer?
    No. It isn’t. We understand that buying a house is an expensive investment and you may not want to pay the conveyancing fees. If you don’t hire a conveyancer, you can still do the transaction but be ready to invest a lot of time and efforts that would otherwise be saved by seeking professional help. Conveyancing is a legal process that should only be done by certified Sydney conveyancing firms such as Strictly Conveyancing. They can handle the entire work for you so that you can focus on your job instead of bothering about the legalities.
  2. If I hire a conveyancer, how much time I have to spend?
    This depends on the complexity of case and the conveyancer’s efficiency. If you choose Strictly Conveyancing, you would have to rarely spend some time bothering about your case. If you are too busy to attend consultation meets, choose our online conveyancing plan. We will update you regularly about your case; you don’t have to do follow-ups. We will handle the paperwork, we will deal with the legal authorities, and we can even handle the final settlement without your presence. We would just require your signatures. We will mail you the papers to your address; you don’t have to come down to our office even once.
  3. Do I have to personally deal with legal authorities?
    No you absolutely don’t have to, at least not with a genuine and hardworking conveyancing firm such Strictly Conveyancing. We will handle everything for you. We will do all the paperwork. We will negotiate with the other party. Our team of lawyers will help us handle the issues that may be associated with your property. Upon settlement, we will notify the Valuer General, the Water Board, the Council and other relevant departments. We will also inform the strata manager, if required. If you are hiring us, be assured that you will not have to take any stress related to the transaction.
  4. Should I to hire a Sydney conveyancing firm or a solicitor?
    You can hire anyone; both of them are licensed to handle property transactions. Solicitors are lawyers who are licensed to deal with anything that comes under law. Conveyancers are professionals who are equally qualified as solicitors but they exclusively deal with property matters.

We hope this blog gives you sufficient information to get started. To inquire about our conveyancing services, get in touch with us at (02) 9630 5553.